Camp Dates: July 9th - Aug 3rd (Mon-Fri)          
Camp Hours: 9am - 3pm
Camp Location:
Larkspur Public School, Brampton

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We are always striving to tap into the talent pool of our vibrant community. We would love to hear from you at grascdea@gmail.com regarding volunteering opportunities. If you are interested in joining us, please email us the application form.

Why us?

Being a part of this organization, you will develop valuable interpersonal skills and engage in team effort, traits that are invaluable for any kind of career.

You will be in the company of an amiable and caring bunch of professionals. We are sure that you will cherish the experience of working with us and develop a lifelong relationship.

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Contact: 289-632-9095, 289-505-6445    Email: grascdea@gmail.com   Web: www.SummerClub.grascdea.org
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