Camp Dates: July 9th - Aug 3rd (Mon-Fri)         
Camp Hours: 9am - 3pm
Camp Location: Larkspur Public School, Brampton

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What is the duration of the camp?
The workshop runs from 9am to 3pm.

Can the children stay for extended hours?
Parents can drop their children off as early as 8am and pick them up by 4pm. Unfortunately, due to several constraints, after this courtesy waiting period, there will be an additional charge of $1/minute. These dues will be collected prior to issuing the official tax receipt.

Is the camp fee tax deductible?
Yes. Tax Receipts will be issued and you can claim it on your 2016 tax returns.

Who will be incharge of the camp?
Dr. Sidhu and Dr. Srinivasan will personally oversee all the activities at the workshop. In addition to this, several trained and experienced consellors will be involved in handling the children. They will be assisted by several counsellors who are under training.

What should the students be getting from home?
1. Their lunch, two nutritious snacks and a drink. Since some children might be allergic to nuts, we request the parents to send food that is free of nuts. Once a week, children will be served cheese pizza at lunch.

2. An extra pair of clothes.

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