Camp Dates: July 9th - Aug 3rd   (Mon-Fri)         
Camp Hours: 9am - 3pm
Camp Location: Larkspur Public School, Brampton

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Objective: The primary objective of the workshop is to provide children with a rich, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere centered about a theme of education, primarily targeted at improving their mathematical and analytical skills. The activities will be aimed at encouraging children to explore and develop new skills and interests, think critically, make decisions and solve problems. This is done with an intricate balance of fun-filled activities and learning to avoid dampening the spirit of vacation.

Camp Activities: A wide variety of activities have been planned to realize the above objectives. All activities are supervised by well trained workshop counsellors and volunteers. To ensure optimum  productivity at the workshop, the student to councellor ratio is kept at a minimum. The activities are briefly categorized as below:

- Science and Arts: Students will design and develop several miniature science projects (robots, fun chemistry experiments), hone their artistic skills and abilities including drawing, painting and crafts.

- Engineering Design:
Students will learn the underlying principles and participate in  studying several activities pertaining to engineering design projects/experiments. 

- Math and Analytical Skills
: Activities have been designed to improve their existing mathematical skills using a combination of puzzles, worksheets and projects. These activities will be carried out in individual as well as group environments.

- Health and Fitness: In a bid to promote an all-round development of the children,  several indoor and outdoor physical activities are included in the camp curriculum.

- Field Trips: To maintain the spirit of vacation in the camps, field trips and leisure activities have been planned every week. Field trips include
  • Canada's Wonderland
  • Placious
  • Trampoline Park
  • Playdium
  • Downey's farm  (for our young scholars)
  • Karebear Playland (for our young scholars)
The locations are dependent upon the age group of the children. Please note that these trips are subject to change depending upon the weather conditions.
Contact: 289-632-9095, 289-505-6445    Email: grascdea@gmail.com   Web: www.SummerClub.grascdea.org
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