Camp Dates: July 9th - Aug 3rd    (Mon-Fri)      
Camp Hours: 9am - 3pm
Camp Location: Larkspur Public School, Brampton

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GRAS Summer Club is a workshop organized by GRAS Child Development and Educational Association. The workshop is overseen by Dr. Gaganpreet Sidhu and Dr. Seshasai Srinivasan.

Dr. Sidhu has a PhD in engineering and has over 8 years of teaching experience. She is very passionate about the overall development of  young children and continues to teach children, indulging them in curricular as well as extracurricular activities.

Dr. Srinivasan has a PhD in engineering and has over 16 years of teaching experience.  One of his initiatives is exploring the various learning styles/abilities of the children and encouraging them to pursue their quests for knowledge using their strengths and capacities.

2017 GRAS Team
Instructors: Seshasai, Gaganpreet, Renu, Zurria, Ishev,  Gurinder, Siddharth and Azka.

Counsellors: Siya, Amanpreet, Manmohit, Parmpreet, Manpreet, Bhavya, Noori, Updesh, Shivam, Ashutosh, Huda, Fahim, Bableen, Usha, Vasu, Nimrat, Arshdeep, Anoop, Gaurav, Sabrina, Arjun, Ria, Tushar and Sagar.

Contact: 289-632-9095, 289-505-6445    Email: grascdea@gmail.com   Web: www.SummerClub.grascdea.org
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